Storytelling Through Jewelry

Did you know that your jewelry is made of stardust?

Gemstones take anywhere between 970 million to 3.2 billion years to form. As for the metals I use that hold these gems together, gold and silver were produced when old stars exploded in a supernova. They were created in dying stars. Now isn't that an extraordinary story?
Pause for a moment and imagine the magic that brings the energy of the stars in the jewelry you wear.

While I love the design process, creating artistic and unique pieces, and highlighting the incredible workmanship of my karigars in India, I am most inspired by these gifts of the earth.

My line of contemporary sterling silver and gold jewelry is a fusion of various natural elements and design techniques. Each piece is crafted as "wearable art", and keeping in mind that it's a gift/story to be passed down generations.

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