Filigree Love

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I love Shikha's jewellery pieces and have been buying many pieces for years. I love her use of filigree and have most of her filigree designs (in necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even a few rings). They create such a delicate and elegant look, they are my absolute favourites. 

A few years back Shikha introduced me to the "Revamp, recycle and reuse" concept, which enabled me to convert some of my mother in law's old jewellery into stunning necklaces, which both my mother in law and I happily wear to all occasions. Shikha was extremely professional, and went to great lengths to ensure that our individual tastes were met and yet there was the signature "Shikha" touch in each of the revamped necklaces.

Aradhana Saraf

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